The City
The city of Heishmiil is massive. Sometimes, it feels more like a country then a city. Its smooth, stony street contrast white, with the grey metal of the buildings.

There are no trees in the city. Only small plants, vegetables, and animals exist within range of the city. Few know if larger plant life exist beyond the borders, but no one has traveled far enough to find out.

The Emperor

The City is ruled by a single man, if indeed that is what he is. Most view him as a god. What he says is final and his word is regarded as scripture. However, only a few have seen the emperor in person and those few do not speak of his appearance.

The Emperor also rules over the churches and noble houses, and each pay their respects to his position.

Noble Houses

The Five Noble Houses represent the core politics of the city. Each house has ideals that they follow:

  • Noble House: Family Lusignan

Ideals – Life is meant to preserved.

Colors – Gold, Red

Magics – Healing, Life, Resurrection, Fire

  • Noble House: Family Ottonia

Ideals – Death should be prepared for

Colors – Black, Silver

Magics – Necromancy

  • Noble House: Family Gonizia

Ideals – Diplomacy is the greatest skill

Colors – Blue, Purple

Magics – Detection, Charm

  • Noble House: Family Munso

Ideals – Strength is achieved through Discipline

Colors – Red, Silver

Magics – All Elemental Attack Magic

  •  Noble House: Family Premyslid

Ideals – Pleasure is the greatest achievement in ones life

Colors – Gold, Purple

Magics – Illusion, Charm

Daily Life

Those who live in the city either work in shops or do some sort of gardening. Sometimes it feels like a utopia. Very little conflict and everybody contributing to each other's welfare. However, at the edge of the city lies in the plantations. Farms that are used to harvest most of the food.

The farmers who work these fields are labeled as mad and insane.


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